the ten-thousand-page sprint to the finish

With 61 days left in the year, I am (on the one hand) pleased to be on my 44th book of the year. Having managed to read 50 books per year in 2008 and 2009, I'm doing pretty well. But I set my goal this year at 65 books. Given the precedence, the 30% increase is a little daunting. Especially now that there are 61 days left in that year, and I still have to finish another 22 books (including #44). That's one book for every 2.77 days.

Now, obviously it won't all work out like that. I mean, Possession has 576 pages and Spook only has 288. They won't take the same amount of time. So I'm doing things a little differently than usual. I'm giving myself a page requirement. I haven't done this since college. Combined, I have just under 9,500 pages to go. I'm requiring myself to read a minimum of 155 pages per day. It seems like a lot, but really it's not. Especially when the reading is good. I mean, Inkdeath was 656 pages, and I read it across 4 days, which is 164 pages a day. It's really not difficult.

At least I say that. And then I pick up book #44 which is Possession by A. S. Byatt. It's a beautiful story, it's 576 pages, and not only do I know and own the movie, but I've read the book before. My highlighting is all over the damned thing. But the text is so FULL. And even Byatt's prose is just so poetic, that I catch myself reading out loud. And when you read out-loud, you read slower. And the thing is I know what happens.

I know what parts I could skip if I wanted to. I know what parts are less important than others. But between the pull of the poetry and the binding of my own integrity, I don't skip those pages and I don't skim the text. I'm excited to be reading it again. I just wish that excitement would make me read faster! I have 21 other books to read, damnit! Read faster! I'm already getting excited about my list of books to read next year, and I'm not even done with this year's books. Gahhh.


  1. Breathe in Breathe out and read one page at a time. You can do 10,000 pages standing on your head.

  2. Well, maybe not on my head...maybe lying down and hanging backwards over the side of my bed, or something.


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