Monday Mailbox #6

Monday Mailbox is a weekly segment wherein I cover my most recent acquisitions, whether via purchase, library, early reviewers, Member Givaway Program or gift.
 A friend of mine gave me a B&N gift card for my birthday last week. It burned a hole in my pocket like no one's business. Fortunately, there was a B&N relatively close by, and I was able to save the rest of the pocket. I bought two books (and still have like $5 left to spend on a future purchase):

I should have bought Rebecca ages ago. Like 15 years ago. I happen to love the film--it's part of a long-running inside joke with my mother and my grandmother. It wasn't until I got to college that I realized the way in which du Maurier was attempting to pawn off some Charlotte Brontë as her own, but I kind of don't even care. Sure, Edward Rochester and Maxim de Winter are shades of the same character, but so what? It's a good time.

The Jungle Books (comprising of The Jungle Book and The Second Jungle Book) is a collection of stories that I've also been meaning to read for some time, and is just one of those things that I feel like every collection needs.

This may be it for me buying books for myself for a little while. I have a whole large shelf of books that need to be read, and every time I buy a new book I wish I was going to read it before all of the others. Best to curb that, if only for a short while.
On a special note, one of my co-workers found a copy of Dawn of the Dreadfuls in his laundry room, and has been reading it. At first he didn't think he would, but he picked it up on a whim, and found it to be "very very funny." He has offered to lend it to me, as he finished reading it this weekend. Having already read the two books that follow Dawn of the Dreadfuls in the Pride and Prejudice & Zombies series, I look forward to bringing it to a close, albeit a backwards one.


  1. Just promise you will NOT, under ANY circumstance, read the sequel to Rebecca. It is hideous! Worse that hideous!

    Love, Me~

  2. There's a sequel to Rebecca D: *cue Psycho music*

  3. "I will make no promise of the kind, and I beg you not to importune me any further on the subject."

    Dearest Mama, You know that I abhor any other person's attempt to curb my reading. If I feel it merits reading, I'll read it. And perhaps I shall agree with your summation, but I have to come to that conclusion on my own.


  4. Nicole - it's just called Mrs. de Winter, and it was written in 1993 by Susan Hill. The reviews seem mixed - one either appreciates it as a fan-written follow-up (much like the sea of Pride & Prejudice sequels that one must wade through these days), or hates it. *shrug*

  5. Hey, I was just trying to save you 8 hours of bad literature. :-)

  6. 8 hours? You could have saved me at least 80 hours of bad literature by taking me out of high school. Think of the possibilities. You and I, cheating a way through an online GRE, traversing the world of the 12-year-2-year degree, stocking up on Valencia gear together...


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