Books have always been my home. Theatre is my night job.

I still have this romantic notion that I can somehow make theatre and books all work together while also becoming a librarian-Indiana Jones who happens to also be a concert pianist. I'm sure I can make all of that work. But until I find the right hat, books it is. 


Contact me!

I love hearing from fellow gothamites and bibliophiles alike!

Think of a book I'd enjoy?Maybe a good old fashioned NYC horror story? Having issues with the website? Or maybe you're a literary professional (author, editor, publisher, agent, store, etc.) and would like to discuss a review? Are you seeking other professional literary services?


Review Policy

I have varying tastes, and I try not to limit my exploration of the literary world. And while my to-be-read pile seems to be steadily growing in height and width (and may very likely take over the world at any moment), I am always open to receiving ARCs, galleys, and any other books for review. At this time, I am more inclined to accept ARC's for books by or about New Yorkers, but I'm open to all requests. If having the review by a certain date is crucial, please let me know in your emailed request, so that I may take that into consideration. For a full list of books already read/reviewed, visit LibraryThing.

If you intend to solicit an honest review, please keep these following guidelines in mind:

1. Acceptance of a book for review does not guarantee a review, let alone a positive review, though if I've sought out / accepted a book for review, it is generally in anticipation of my liking it.
2. I do accept self-published books.
3. The Literary Gothamite has one full-time reviewer, and a handful of adjuncts. Books submitted may be handed off to any of these adjuncts for review when needed.
4. I don't believe in rating systems. I'll tell you what I think, but I'm not going to put a number on it. 
5. I enjoy a wide range of literature. See my likes/dislikes below.

Likes - Fiction
Novels about writers or books (e.g. A.S. Byatt's Possession or Laurence Cossé's A Novel Bookstore)
Jane Austen continuations/variations (e.g. Pamela Aiden's Mr. Darcy, Gentleman trilogy)
Jane Austen anything (e.g. Janet Mullany's Jane and the Damned)
Historical Fiction, especially feminist and/or queer stories, and especially from writers of color
Novels by New Yorkers (e.g. Pete Hamill's Forever) or about New York (e.g. Brooklyn)
Swashbuckling fiction (think Dumas)
New translations / new editions of the classics - this is why I love Europa Editions and NYRB
Gothic mysteries (e.g. Barbara Michaels' Sons of the Wolf)
Twists on the Classics (e.g. Pearson & Barry's Peter and the Starcatchers Series)
I prefer more Fantasy than Paranormal: The Inkheart series over the Twilight series.
Sweeping epics that reject colonizer mindsets and embrace diverse characters

Likes - Non-fiction
Concerning the 18th/19th centuries (e.g. Richard Holmes' The Age of Wonder)
Concerning Books/ Literature (e.g. Simon Garfield's Just My Type or James Woods' How Fiction Works)
Concerning Sea Life (e.g. Philip Hoare's The Whale)
Concerning Theatre (e.g. Michael T. Gilmore's Differences in the Dark)

Dislikes - Fiction
Religious Historical Fiction
Racist authors
Colonization epics
Comics/Graphic Novels
White savior novels

Dislikes - Non-fiction
Concerning Ancient Eastern Cultures, when written by Westerners
Memoirs/ Autobiographies

If you feel as though your book is a fit, please email me at the above listed address. Please include the title of your book, the author, the synopsis, the release date if it is not already released.


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