Sometimes it Feels like Derby Square Bookstore in my Brain

Since I wrapped up my summer reading, I've fallen shamefully behind. I barely finished Pirates of Barbary before getting that review up, and now I'm only halfway through The Pirate King which I'd planned on finishing three days ago. I think I need to ease my schedule up a bit. I find I read more when I'm not pushing the schedule too hard.

So no review today (it was going to be Bonk by Mary Roach, but that's definitely not happening). And instead of reading some of the stuff on my shelves that I'd hoped to read in between the deadline books (i.e. Say her Name, Bonk, The Jungle Books) I'm going to focus on my challenge reads and my publisher deadlines.

Derby Square Bookstore (Salem, Mass.)
It's not that I've taken on too much, it's just that I'm not managing my time well. So for now, I'm easing up a bit. The Pirate King will get a review early this week. Children of Paranoia will get one later this week. And then I have a handful of books to read for early October so... everything in its time. I'm not comprising anything by doing it this way - I'm reading! I love reading! And the books that can wait a little while, well, I'll read them later!

It'll also be nice once things calm down a little bit at work - right now our customers are all getting their materials and, instead of reading them, they're calling us. Once that calms down, I'll have more time. :)



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