Review: Nocturnes by John Connolly, pt. 6: "The Reflecting Eye"

I haven't had the pleasure, yet, of reading from John Connolly's Charlie Parker, P.I. thriller series. Honestly, I assumed (unfairly) that his writing for that series might be a little colder than his other work. I made this assumption based (again, unfairly) on the work of other writers. Apparently I forgot that I was talking about John Connolly. In Nocturnes he has included a long novella called "The Reflecting Eye" which fits into the Charlie Parker world. I have to say, I'm impressed. The story fits into the collection perfectly because of the subject matter but, based on the fact that a certain death tourist is noted as a recurring character from Charlie's past, I have to assume that the other novels (as should be expected in Connolly's work) follow suit. I didn't really love the way it ended, with the stinky wallpaper glue still not explained, and the Collector still at large, but overall I enjoyed Charlie Parker's characterization and two gay friends, Angel & Louis. Dirk Pitt should have had at least two gay friends.


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