Monday Mailbox 5/21/12

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I just closed my show last night. It's been a very hectic three weeks, and I know I've been neglectful in the last two, but I'm gonna try to make that up to everyone! I have three giveaways going on in the next three weeks! Exciting, I know!

The first giveaway (this week's) is for a brand new hardcover copy of
Rosie Dastgir's new novel A Small Fortune which comes out this Thursday! Giveaway starts now, and a winner will be chosen on Thursday, announced on Friday. CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY

And then stay tuned in the next two weeks for (at least) two more giveaways!

And as this is Monday Mailbox, I actually did not receive anything this week. Did you??


  1. Well I hope you get something next week. I did get some books last week, three to be exact.

    Take a look at what's in my Mailbox.

  2. Hey!

    I just tweeted you to say how muchI love the look of your blog- so pretty! I am a new follower fo sho.

    I love the cover of this book- very nice!

    My MM:

  3. Slow weeks are good for catching up!

  4. Sad mailbox, but perhaps you shall get caught up now? ;)
    My mailbox.

  5. I received a few books this week - two via mail and one for my kindle. :)


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