Top Ten Tuesday: 10 characters I'd want with me on a deserted island

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature of The Broke and the Bookish

This week's theme: Top Ten Characters I Would Want With Me On A Deserted Island 
(pick based on however you want...skills they would bring, their company...or pure hotness factor :P)

1. The entire family from Swiss Family Robinson (which, btw, not their name).

2. Captain Wentworth...because firstly, I needed an Austen guy in here somewhere and secondly, he's handy with the ocean and stuff. 

3. The Woodsman (The Book of Lost Things) and if he's not available, I'll take the Huntress. But she needs to understand boundaries - no animal/human head swapping!

4. Matt Hooper (Jaws) for obvious reasons.

5. Lennie (Of Mice and Men) because he's handy. Maybe a little too handy, but we'll address that later. 

6. Edmond Dantès (The Count of Monte Cristo) another handy guy to have around. He's good at escaping stuff, right? 

7 & 8. Hawkeye Pierce and Hot Lips Houlihan (MASH) more obvious. 

9. Hermione Granger (Harry Potter) hopefully with her handy dandy bag full of a steamer ship and food. 

10. The Mariner (Waterworld) OK maybe this one doesn't completely count because the book (which I read) was based on the screenplay, but he's got GILLS and he's Kevin Costner. Soooooooooooo obviously he's coming with, the end. 
Your argument is invalid. Good day. 


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