Top Ten Books I'd Quickly Save If My House Was Under Zombie Attack

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So the actual category this week is Top Ten Books I'd Save Quickly if my House Were to be Abducted by Aliens (or any other disaster struck)... well... as I just finished catching up on this week's Walking Dead, I'm going the zombie apocalypse route.

Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen
Two reasons - 1) It's the special edition with Colin Firth & Jennifer Ehle on the cover. Oh yeah, I talked to Jennifer Ehle on the phone the other day. I did. I really did. And I got a little flustered. Girl crush, you know. Andddd 2) If the world is going to be zombified, I'm brining Colin Firth with me. 

Dharma Bums, by Jack Kerouac
It's the cool Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition and, while it didn't change my life quite like On the Road did, I'd wanna have some crazy circular writing on me for meditative purposes and this is slightly less crazy than the latter. 

The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas
First of all, it's a big-ass book. Like a phone book, it is. Doubles as a pillow. And then maybe I can gain some bad-assery via osmosis. 

Tristessa, by Jack Kerouac
I JUST bought this. I'm not gonna leave it behind in the hopes that, when the zombie apocalypse finally ends (IF it ends) I'm just gonna find another copy! I mean c'mon!

The Book of Lost Things, by John Connolly
It's about beating your fears. And zombies can be pretty freakin fearsome.

Children of Paranoia, by Trevor Shane
Ummmm bad-assery instruction manual (plus some light emotional reading).

The Kingdom Keepers, by Ridley Pearson
These kids get outta all sorts of binds. If they can escape the creepy dolls that live in It's a Small World, they can teach me how to escape zombies.

Inkheart, by Cornelia Funke
I could never leave this behind.

Reckless and Other Plays, by Craig Lucas/  What I Meant Was: New Plays and Selected One-Acts, by Craig Lucas
Should it be up to me to repopulate the world and start over Medieval-style and stage morality plays, I'mma skip the morality part and stage some Craig Lucas.

Breaking Dawn, by Stephenie Meyer
It's not a book, it's a weapon. I can either read people to death or knock off heads with it. 


  1. Great list! Pride and Prejudice was an excellent choice (can't believe I didn't think of putting it on my own list)! And I loved your reasoning for including Breaking Dawn. ;)

  2. I totally want a copy of Pride & Prejudice with Colin Firth on the cover! I adore him.

  3. Love your comments on the various books! Very amusing! Especially the 'Breaking Dawn' comment!

  4. LMAO at the final choice and description. Loved all the rest.

    I might have to do this on my blog. Do cookbooks count?

  5. Great mailbox. I love that P&P production!


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