Collected Book Reviews (4/17 - 4/24/16)

In addition to TLG's review of The Rescuers, be sure to check out more from the critics in this week's collected reviews:

Janna Levin's Black Hole Blues and Other Songs from Outer Space, 
which Maria Popova praises as "first-rate." 

Eligible - Curtis Sittenfeld's "crass and raunchy" millennial-updated Pride and Prejudice

Lisa Hilton (here, L.S. Hilton)'s Maestra which Bethanne Patrick calls "pure pulp madness."

And finally, a review that is from a while back, but which just came to my attention 
thanks to an article about Kirkus being the veritable Statler and Waldorf of 
book reviews (and anything that resembles my spirit muppets must be attended to):

Claudia Gray's Fateful. While I - and the reviewer - acknowledge that 
this book is from the height of paranormal mash-up fiction, even they sound resigned 
when starting the assessment with "It has come to this: werewolves on the Titanic."


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