Summer Sundays: Beach Reads #5 - Under the Boardwalk, by Carly Phillips

Don't let the illustrated beach nor the bikini top fool you. There are no steamy beach scenes to be had here. There's barely any beach. Definitely some sand at one point. A boardwalk? There might have been one early on... in fact I'm pretty sure the male love interest (a cop who grew up in foster care) jumps from the boardwalk and miraculously saves the female lead from being shot by someone who thinks she's her twin sister. And for the record, that's about as complicated as it gets. Girl with too much family meets boy who never had enough family. Sparks fly, boots get knocked, and the resolution (her sister was an FBI agent undercover) is almost too predictable. It's your basic beach chick-lit. Oh, and there's a monkey. Perfect.


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