Monday Mailbox #14

Whoops. I slipped up, here. Sorry. I was a little busy this weekend. I would have put this off until next Monday, but since I'm reviewing one of the new books in this week's edition of Summer Sundays: Beach Reads, I figured I should take care of it now.

Minor Snobs
by Daniel Amory

This would be it. Came to me via librarything... kind of late, but better late than never. AND it's the read of a few hours, so no big loss. Look for the review on Sunday!

True Prosperity: How to Have Everything
by Yehuda Berg

Now now, no laughing...until I tell the story behind this one. 
I was at a street fair on Lexington Avenue this past Sunday, with my friend Phil. We were walking up one of the blocks and this man approaches me kind of from behind and to the left. I don't think I ever actually saw his face. Phil was to my right. So the man comes up and holds this book out in front of me, and I stop. And he says "Can I interest you in a free book?" 
Have you met me? 
Of course I said "Sure."
After I took the book and we had taken a few steps, Phil asks "So does this make you a scientologist now??"
And we laughed and laughed. 
It wasn't until Tuesday when I was rooting through the contents of my bag (thanks, melted dark chocolate reeses peanut butter cups!) that I realized it's actually about Kabbalah, not Scientology. 
Now, I'm not religious. I think religion's kind of a sham. But between the free book and the celebrity appeal, they've got a pretty good marketing scheme going. I wish them luck. Will I read this? Yes. Eventually. Not soon enough to be encouraged to attend the free seminars in August, but maybe just in time to find some inner peace the next time my sister and I have a smack-down nail-clawing hair-pulling fight. 


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