On Harry Potter

I had this whole blog written about why I read Harry Potter when I read it, and how it's not so much the monsters and the magic that managed to suck me in, but the nuances of character development that exist, even if you see Rowling's writing as sub-par.

I was going to write about how I tossed and turned over book 6, and how I wrote in the margins, trying to find contextual patterns.

But the fact is, none of that is very interesting. You either love the Harry Potter saga, or you don't. And I, despite my book snobbery and general assumption that I am right, and the masses are wrong, really love it.

I just wanted to take a moment, on this the eve of the final film's release, to acknowledge that.

Also, I'm really excited to read book 7 again. I won't be seeing the film for another few weeks (I'm waiting for my best friend to come to town, as a matter of tradition) which gives me time to re-read it. My copy has never actually been opened. I went to the midnight release four years ago (at the Time Warner Center. Lifehouse performed on a tiny stage. It was strange.) And when I finished the book (in, like, a day) I lent it to my roommate, who somehow managed to spill chocolate sauce on the cover, so she bought me a new one! And I haven't read it since then.

So it'll be kind of like reading it for the first time...which is exciting and heartbreaking all at once...


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