Summer Sundays: Beach Reads #9 - Let's Take the Long Way Home, by Gail Caldwell

Sorry for the late-ish post. Better late than never, yeah?
Pulitzer-Prize-winner Gail Caldwell’s Let’s Take the Long Way Home is a beautiful memoir of friendship and love. And while Caldwell wrote it using her memories, her happiness and heartache, the novel proves itself as a universal exploration of the way in which we build families out of those not related to us by birth - people, pets, places, things, through good times and bad. The marriage of two minds between Caldwell and Caroline Knapp, their memories together, and the grief that follows, provide essential cadences in this beautiful, melodious story of friendship and the way it makes our hearts beat. It's a quick enough read, but it will pull at the heartstrings sooner than you know. Bring tissues.


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