Book Blogger Hop 6/17-6/20

This week's* Book Blogger Hop question, care of Crazy for Books, is:

Book Blogger HopQ. How many books are currently in your To-Be-Read (TBR) Pile?
A. The physical pile? 30.
The imaginary pile? 220. Those are the ones that are on my Amazon list/ are on my NYPL saved list/ are on my librarything list, or that are on my list I'm constantly updating on my computer as "books I should have read ages ago, goddammit Lauren what is wrong with you? go and read these now."

It does not, however, include the ones I've earmarked in upcoming publishers' catalogues, nor does it include any yet-unwritten books by Ian McEwan or John Connolly, most of which, once written, would be thrown on top of the pile.

*I need to thank Nicole for doing this, or I wouldn't have known about it!


  1. you and your non-shameful pile! I am jealous! haha

  2. I went the longest time with ZERO room for more books. I feel like that list can expand...and it will LOL


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