Monday Mailbox #10

More goodies! And these are some lookers, ladies & gentlemen!

First off, 
The Beginners, by Rebecca Wolff

I won this one through's Early Reviewers' Program in May. I'm pretty sure I signed up for it because of the cover. I'm in lovvvve with this cover. I hope that I love the book just as much. This title is due out June 30, 2011 from Riverhead (Hardcover).

Silver Girl, by Elin Hilderbrand

I requested this book from the Hachette Book Group because I was interested in the story...but also because I thought the cover was pretty. I can't help myself. I'm a little bit of a cover snob. Now, as a review copy, I'd expected a paperback with a rendered cover/no cover. But in my mailbox today was a hardcover copy and, believe me when I tell you this, I was floored by how gorgeous the cover actually is. This image doesn't do it justice. The colors on the actual copy are so vibrant and rich - one of my coworkers described it as "an orgasm for the eyes." I said I wanted to mount the book on my wall. But enough of that. This title is due out June 21, 2011 from Reagan Arthur Books (an imprint of Hachette). 


  1. my first thought when I saw the top book was oo! what a beautiful cover!


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