Monday Mailbox #28

Back in September I won a copy of 

Vintage Baseball, by James R. Tootle 

...through LibraryThing's Early Reviewers Program. Two days ago, I finally got it in the mail. 
And it's the only book I got this week. 

But I did go into Papyrus to do some shopping and ended up buying myself
some gorgeous stationary cards which, I found out at the register, 
were on sale for half-price. YES.

And I purchased (though not at Papyrus) this year's holiday cards. 
That's got to count for something, right? 

On a side note: I promise I've got some 
book posts coming up, it's just that I've 
been doing reading for Christmas stockings, 
and those books aren't be reviewed. 
I've finished 2 of them, so I'll have one post 
about them (together) and then once I pick up 
Gone With the Wind and Scarlet...then there'll 
be another post. 


  1. Are you ashamed of the stocking choices?


  2. Ashamed? No! But as they're books that I should have read a long time ago, and books that, really, a review will not benefit, there's no point in giving them individual posts.

  3. Enjoy your read.

  4. Those stationary cards are gorgeous! I would have had to buy them too! I hope the book is worth the wait!

  5. So awesome to get to the register and find out the price is less than you thought! You've got GWTW coming up...have you read it before? It really is one of the best books EVER. Enjoy your reading week!


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