Monday Mailbox #33: Christmas Part 3

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Still more books coming in from Christmas - huzzah!

Jerry Orbach: Prince of the City, by John Anthony Gilvey

Mine is actually the first edition, with a blue background. Not this second edition pukey color thing. I think (and I hope I don't have this wrong and get hit by an offended party, but I think) that my sister gave me this for Christmas from her pile of books that she wanted to get rid of - stuff she'd had in college, etc. Anyway, I'm pretty sure...mostly because there's an imprint on the cover, as if someone wrote on a post it stuck to the book...I can see my sister's handwriting and I can read "Running Errands" with a heart... also, I remember her telling me that's where this book came from. Anyway, it'll either be a helpful tool, or it'll offend me. Like one of those paper bag...grab bags! at parties? Yeah....anyway. YAY Christmas! Everyone should be able to celebrate the holidays long into January. We shouldn't just leave the gift-giving to December 25th! I say this out of pure selfish reasoning: I want more presents. :D

The Club Dumas, by Arturo Pérez-Reverto
Picked up this one at work. I love Dumas...I figure I'm probably the target audience. 


  1. Oh I loved Jerry Orbach and was so sad when he passed away. I so enjoy all the older Law and Orders with him. enjoy the book.

  2. Christmas is lasting forever for you! Enjoy your new books!

  3. I always think of Jerry Orbach as Baby's father in Dirty Dancing. Have a wonderful week and happy reading. My MM is here

  4. I would love to read about Jerry Orbach! Thanks for sharing....and enjoy your reads.


  5. Enjoy! your new books.

  6. I would love to read the Orbach book. He was a such a great actor! I love how it is still Christmas for you! Fun!


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