Top Ten Authors I Wish Would Write Another Book

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

1. Pamela Aidan - The Mr. Darcy, Gentleman trilogy is SO good...I think she could probably do an amazing job with would probably be hard to match the Darcy trilogy,  but if anyone is up to the task, it's the author.

2. Cornelia Funke - Okay so...really it's more that I need to read her other books...but I want her to keep writing, because I love them. 

3. Karen Doornebos - Seriously, though. Definitely Not Mr. Darcy was awesome, and I want more.

4. Jack Caldwell - Okay, so he's got The Three Colonels coming out in March...but I want it now. Please.

5. Trevor Shane - Another one that doesn't reeeeeally count because I know he wants Children of Paranoia to flesh out into a series...I assume he's working on it. I hope he's working on it.

6. Charlotte Brontë - I think she could have maybe benefited from writing a novel from someone else's perspective other than a young girl/woman who's been wronged, etc. And maybe from not writing Shirley. 

7. John Connolly - Another collection of short stories à la Nocturnes yesplzkthnxbye.

8. Susanna Clarke - I think I read somewhere that she's supposedly working on her next novel. I would even take another collection of short stories like The Ladies of Grace Adieu..

9. Alexandre Dumas, père - Anything, really. I'd read it. 

10. Richard Gwyn - Again, doesn't really count. I realized that I hadn't even looked him up since I read The Colour of a Dog Running Away, and when I did I discovered that he published Deep Hanging Out in 2007, which means I should go ahead and read that...but I still hope he publishes something else, too. :D


  1. Yep I need to read Bronte, one of those must reads in life.

  2. Several of the authors on your list are new to me. I'll have to check them out. Agree with your choices of Bronte and Dumas. It would be wonderful to have more works of theirs to read.

  3. lol @ "and maybe from not writing Shirley"

    I like this list oddly enough because I haven't heard some of these authors! I feel like sometimes people's answers to these memes can get a little repetitive. this was refreshing.

  4. It was definitely my intention to not include some obvious ones....Jane Austen, Jack Kerouac, J. M. Barrie, C. S. Lewis... I feel like these (while true) would have been kind of obvious and repetitive. So thanks for picking up on that y'all. I hope you all go out and read their books! Happy New Year! Omg I'm tired.

  5. What a great list! I didn't do it this week, because there would only be one author on it... Jane Austen! I am looking forward to reading the first books by Caldwell and Doornebos, and I agree with Aiden as well... I loved the Darcy Trilogy.


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