Monday Mailbox 4/16/12: Anyone want some Star Wars books?

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Would you believe it - another week, and no books. Depressing, I know. 

Exhibit A:
Star by Star, by Troy Denning
However, I would like to give away some books.

My uncle gave me these a few years ago, and I read two of them... I feel kind of bad for not having read all of 'em, but I feel even worse not having read the rest of the series, which would have helped inform the ones I did read. 

These are all from The New Jedi Order (Lucas Books/ Del Rey). According to the Star Wars Novels Timeline (yes, they need it, there are so many goddamn Star Wars novels out there), these are all from the same era (25-30 Years After Star Wars: A New Hope) and, according to that timeline (circa 2003), these are almost consecutive. 

Exhibit B:
Dark Journey, by Elaine Cunningham
I've got five consecutive novels, then I'm missing two, and have three more that follow that's almost like having a full set. Of something. 



They're all in okay condition - the spines are all cracked from reading, but they're intact. If anyone would like some or all of these, please email me at before Thursday, April 19th. 

After that, they're going to that place where books go to die - the lending library at my office.
Exhibit C:
Enemy Lines I
Rebel Dream
, by Aaron Allston
Exhibit D:
Enemy Lines II
Rebel Stand
, by Aaron Allston
Exhibit E:
Traitor, by Matthew Stover
(this is where the break happens... apparently I'm missing Destiny's Way and Ylesia)

Exhibit F:
Force Heretic I:
, by Sean Williams & Shane Dix 
Exhibit G:
Force Heretic II:
, by Sean Williams & Shane Dix
Exhibit H:
Force Heretic III:
, by Sean Williams & Shane Dix


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