Monday Mailbox 4/23/12

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Making up for last week with three new books this week!
I also reviewed one book this week. Check out my review of Nick Dybek's When Captain Flint Was Still A Good Man here.

A Small Fortune, a novel by Rosie Dastgir
ARC from Riverhead Hardcover
On sale date May 24, 2012
I'm told that Ms. Dastgir is half Pakistani, half British and the book explores the complications of a Pakistani family living in London

Pale Male and the Infertile Girl, a novella by Clark Casey
Review Copy from Some Dead Trees Press
Released August 2011
The first piece of fiction to take the chronology of the famous hawk's nesting and eviction from 5th Avenue , the novella focuses on a fictional couple who inherit the apartment with the windowsill on which the hawk nests. They are unable to have children and are forced to watch as the hawks proliferate above their bedroom window while their own private crisis unfolds.

Radiant Days, by Elizabeth Hand
ARC from Viking
Released April 12, 2012
From what I understand, this book is kind of like art and poetry meet The Lake House (the film with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock).

What books did you receive last week??


  1. I hope they're all as good as they look!

  2. Wow - those book covers are gorgeous! Is it me, or are the cover art for books getting much better these days?!


  3. Enjoy! your reading week.

  4. Those are all new titles to me. I hope you enjoy them.


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