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I'm afraid this week I books.

But I know there's one on the way this week (huzzah!), 
and a friend did lend me his copy of 
Erin Morgenstern's The Night Circus (bonus!).
I cannot lie. This cover is pretty freaking neat. I love the craftiness of the paper image...I mean it looks like a clown all sprawled out, but it's tents and a's just really cool. And I'm also sort of in love with the style of that curly design on the arm. Sidebar: the clock face makes it look like the "It's a Small World" evil clock boss at the end of that level of Epic Mickey, minus the scary crushing arms. /nerd talk.
In other news, the winner of this month's The Truth of All Things giveaway was 


Stay tuned, as there will be a new giveaway announced very shortly!


  1. Funny how the eye is tricked at first glance of the cover!

  2. Jessica thanks for stopping by and linking to MM. I ended up buying this book recently because of the cover. Its so pretty. I hope you enjoy it.


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