Monday Mailbox 7/23/12: Shameless Self-Promotion Style

This week I books. 

I'm sorry to have directed you here under false pretenses. But, as friends and readers of my blog, I need you to bear with me for a moment of shameless self-promotion.

I'm involved with a play - a musical - called The Hills Are Alive. It is, as you may expect, an amusing take on the events following The Sound of Music

We are participating in New York City's Fringe Festival this year, and I was asked to do a Q&A for If you can come see the show, that's fantastic. If not, there is one teeny tiny way that you can help us out. When you click on the link to my Q&A (below) you'll see that, under the title (The Hills Are Alive!: Lauren Cartelli) there's a Facebook LIKE button. The Fringe production that gets the most Likes on their Q&As will get a free banner for marketing purposes on the website. 

So....we need your likes! You don't even have to read the Q&A (although I think it's splendid, and you should), just follow the link and click on the LIKE button. And, if you're feeling uber-generous, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click through to the other two Q&As for our show (Ashley Ball, and Eric Thomas Johnson) and Like theirs as well! I'll even do you one better and link to all three from this page! No scrolling involved! Just click the link, and then click LIKE. I'm also including a link below for those who would like to look into purchasing tickets for the show (it's Fringe! it's cheap! come see!)

The cast thanks you in advance for your help!
I hope everyone had a wonderful week full of books, and I hope you have an even better week this week, full of good karma (which you get after liking our Q&A pages)!


(this link takes you to the H page of the Fringe listings - just click on the date/time you'd like to attend The Hills Are Alive in order to purchase tickets)


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